Thursday, July 30, 2009

meet her imaginary friends, kiki and gaga

all of the sudden, f has two pals who seem to be around quite a bit, doing all kinds of things. i've never met them, but there certainly a big part of her world. kiki and gaga, everybody! y'know those two, don't you? always at the zoo, or at school, or wherever f's head will take them? her new imaginary friends. "mama! kiki went to the STORE and got FRUIT!" or if i say "f, it's time to take a bath," she says "gaga is taking a bath, mama! GA GA!" it's kinda awesome right now, but if it sticks... hmm. anyone else have any experience with imaginary friends? 

update, 8/07/09: she has added a third friend to her imaginary posse: "juicer". hmm.

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