Wednesday, August 12, 2009

do you think earache's his real name?

it's a wednesday morning, and i just got this email in my inbox:

Hi Hilary,

I'm a transplant from the LBC where I used to listen to you on the Punk 60 Sunday nights on Pure Rock 105.5 KNAC. It is about the music!

Keep rockn!


the punk 60 was my very first "real" (read: commercial) radio show. i'd been interning at KNAC while i went to school at uc irvine, and i was also hosting a punk show on my college station, KUCI, all 200 watts of it. when the PD of KNAC asked me to host a punk rock specialty show for one hour, once a week... in the middle of the night... i felt like i had won the lottery. i remember stopping at a gas station on ocean blvd. in long beach to use the pay phone to call my mom, i was SO thrilled. a pay phone! this was 1994. remember pay phones? that chance was the open door that started my career in radio. guys from nofx, hfl, drain bramaged, youth brigade, and d.i., came in for interviews (and scared the overnight cleaning crew). i began getting serviced by punk rock record labels. i went to more and more shows and finally got to say "i'm on the list," which was so HUGE to me back then! the whole experience ended up being ridiculously fun - i was pinching myself on a regular basis. but let me tell you, when i listen to airchecks from back then - it was 15 years ago! - i CRINGE. i laugh and throw up in my mouth a little bit because, really? WOW. i was TERRIBLE on the air. high pitched voice, really fast talker, nervous, goofy, awful at interviews, you name it. REALLY REALLY BAD. it's kinda sweet at the same time, though, because i was so damn happy to have that little show. it's like finding a picture of yourself in high school, the one where you had that god awful hairdo, the one that you loved and spent hours making sure it was just right? and now you go, dude, i wouldn't wear my hair that way if you paid me a million bucks! but you still kinda chuckle at yourself? kinda like that, or something.

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