Monday, August 17, 2009

dreamy red sauce

filmmaker tamra davis and her husband, mike d of the beastie boys, have two small boys and they're on a mission to feed them healthy food. a while ago, tamra starting filming her own little D.I.Y. cooking show, sharing her favorite healthy and kid-friendly recipes. eating in a healthier, more planet-friendly way has become our goal too, something that kicked into high gear when f started eating actual food - we're even growing our first organic veggie garden in our new backyard! yes, i still shave my armpits and no, i haven't started wearing patchouli - and yes, the new wave of conscious living has moved far beyond the old hippie stereotype, hasn't it? anyhow. this is one of my favorites - it's from a family vacation they took to mexico. i'm going to try that red sauce one of these days. cool family!

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