Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the "hilary" song, ian, & trippy: it's a small world.

in a nutshell, because i'm realizing that WOW i can go on & on:

my friend christopher dale wrote a song for me a few years ago, and to this day, it makes me all teary-eyed whenever i hear it, because really, a song? for me? CHRIS. dude. you don't even know.

through my brother-in-law, i connected with local physical therapist maria degitz when she was planning a fundraiser for local inspiration ian mcfarland. maria needed help with booking the entertainment, so i asked my friends cathryn beeks and christopher if they'd donate their talents for the event. they, being them, said "are you kidding me? of course!"

christopher started learning more about ian and his story, and after he played "hilary" at the fundraiser, announced that he would donate any proceeds from downloads of the song to ian's fund. so cool, right? and thanks to maria's hard work and all the love and donations from not only cathryn, chris, & rusty jones & his son, but sector 9 and sanuk sandals and the bareback grill, we helped raise over $10,000 that night for ian's fund. ian was there with his brother and sister for a while too. it was a beautiful night!

somehow, a photographer and blogger from pasadena's husband found "hilary" on itunes & downloaded it for her as a surprise (see, her name's hilary too. it's all starting to come together now, i swear). she did some research into the song, found out about ian and how chris is donating money from the downloads of the song to ian's fund, and now she's promoting the song, and the download, and ian's story, on her blog, and she might end up using the song in a ford fiesta video! and the trippy part: reading her blog, we're hilarys cut from the same cloth. gardening! etsy! photography! the cove! trippy. see? ian & chris, bringing people together one song at a time. good good stuff.

if you want, you can hear the song and get it here or find it on itunes, napster, rhapsody, amazon, verizon, etc. love me some christopher dale.


  1. I always wondered about the back-story to this song.

  2. So cool! Glad to know more of the story... Not sure of timing yet, but a video WILL happen. Hmm. Maybe you should be in it. Maybe we should fill the Fiesta with 1-L'ed Hilarys. :-)