Thursday, August 20, 2009

morning breath

again with f's first-thing-in-the-morning gems: this morning, she crawls up into our bed at, oh, say, 5:45am? right. she crawls up and puts her head next to mine on my pillow, gets under the comforter, and snuggles right in. even half-asleep, i try to just soak it all in: she's warm and snuggly and so sweet. i love this, i decide. i'll take the waking up at an ungodly hour part, just for this. her little hair is all messy and soft, her little noises are so damn cute, she's just so little and i know it will all pass too soon. so i lay there, even as my left arm is starting to get uncomfortable because, you know, i shoved it under the pillow at an unnatural angle right before she lay down and now i don't want to move it because she seems like she's drifting off back to sleep, and i don't mind, because i can feel her little breath on my face, on my cheek. nose to nose we lay there, eyes closed, so peaceful. "MAMA?" she asks. "yes bubs?" i answer, awaiting an "i love you" or something along those lines. "YOU SMELL LIKE POOP!" ahhhhh, yes. precious moments, those. first of all, this budding pee & poop fixation, is it normal for a two year old? i'm gonna go ahead and assume so. but poop? my morning breath smelled like poop? i'll blame that on her still-growing vocabulary. note to self: teach f how to say "fabulous" this weekend.

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