Friday, August 14, 2009

rick cain better watch his back!

this past saturday, as we packed up to head to the beach, f asked j as he loaded his longboard into the truck, "dad, can i surf with you?" and we kinda chuckled, thinking, hmmm. two and a half might be a little young to start, but we'll see. f is a charger. she has no fear. she runs straight into the ocean, always wants to go swim out past the waves ("i want to go far far away!" she says, pointing to the horizon), hurls herself into swimming pools and likes to go headfirst down the slides at parks. which is awesome and a little nerve-wracking at the same time. but last saturday, she kept talking about it, so we took her out into the whitewash and put her on j's board and she could not get enough. in fact, she had a grade-a meltdown when j finally paddled out to go catch some actual waves - she freaked out. and as soon as he came back in, she wanted to get back on the board again. made my heart sing.

and on monday, she wanted to try our niece gaby's boogie board, so gabs and i explained to her how and where to hold on, etc, and gave her a little push when an ankle-slapper came rolling in, and she totally rode the wave all the way in! i thought for sure she'd let go but she held on and rode it in. the board pearled at the end and she tumbled off and went under - i came running up and scooped her up, thinking she'd be a little freaked out because she was all sandy and stuff, but she stood up, wiped her hair out of her eyes, looked at us and yelled "i DID it!!" that's our girl.

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