Monday, August 17, 2009

words of wisdom

f has a tendency to go from 0-60 when she's waking up. i've watched her do it - she can seem totally asleep, but then she'll sit up and immediately start talking. her initial morning thoughts can be counted on to be a) random and b) pretty damn funny. a couple of months ago, she (who, it should be noted, sleeps on a mattress at the foot of our bed for the greater part of each night; see "the INSANE sleep debacle of 07, 08, & 09". wait, i haven't gotten there yet. i will, as soon as i get a full night's sleep) started whispering "mama" at around 3am; when i finally was awake enough to say, "f, what is it?" she said "mom, DON'T EAT SAND." good advice, right? i made a mental note to not eat anymore sand.

lately, her morning routine involves waking up at the crack of you-know-what and climbing up into our bed. if it's before 6am, i tell her she can stay but she needs to go back to sleep "until six-oh-oh," which is how she reads j's huge digital clock. and usually, she grabs my left boob (another story for another day, her boob fixation) and gets back to sleeping. not every morning, however. many mornings, she's raring to go, ready to talk about important stuff that apparently has been on her mind all night. things like this: today, when she climbed into bed and got between j and i, she grabbed my left one and said to me "mama, IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO PEE AND POOP ON PEOPLE." see? important stuff! it can't wait, this kind of pressing issue. i mean, really. it ISN'T a good idea to pee and poop on people, right?

i'd suggest she put a pencil and paper by her bedside so she could write these thoughts down so they wouldn't bother her anymore, you know, so she could forget about them and go back to sleep, but, she can't write. so there's that.

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