Sunday, September 27, 2009

7 years. no itch.

it's funny that our seventh wedding anniversary somehow feels way more significant than the 6th or the 5th. why is that? we talked about that, way too loudly, over dinner on friday night.

we got a room at the pearl in point loma, a super cool little boutique hotel, and auntie j spent the night with f. i stopped at mesa liquor before we left and bought us two stone vertical 09-09-09s to share, since i am a budding beer snob who puts a finger over one ear and says things like "just a flutter of asparagus" when i taste a new one. we shared those and got some food at the restaurant there at the pearl and between the alcohol and the noise level, before long we realized we were YELLING across the table at each other. yelling things like "EVEN WHEN WE'RE PISSED AT EACH OTHER, WE KNOW IT'S GOING TO BE ALL GOOD!" and "THIS POPCORN SHRIMP IS FRIGGIN' AWESOME!" you know, a contemplative and romantic analysis of our relationship.

and it's funny. f gets us up at the crack of dawn every. single. morning - i haven't set an alarm since 2006. and so often, especially if she's not sleeping well for a stint - i dream about having a night off, a quiet night in a hotel to just sleep and sleep and sleep. but then, when i get one of those rare nights off, two things happen: i can't sleep, and all i do is miss her. for weeks leading up to our night at the pearl, j and i would joke about it, or when f got us up early we'd remind each other "one week! we get to sleep in in one week!" and then? i was probably awake 4 times last friday night, and when i looked at the clock after thinking i had totally slept in? it was 6:09am. not. even. funny.

put that on the "things i never understood until i had a child" list, that missing them when you finally get a break thing. my sister has three kids, each about four years apart, and she is one of the busiest, most giving of herself, most stressed mamas i know. but she is hardly ever away from her kids and when she is, she misses them. of course! but before i had f, i remember thinking - dude, are you NUTS? you are FREE (if only for 24 hours)!! i didn't get it at all. but there we were, at the pearl, talking about f. and my last night "off", i was thinking about f and j. and the last girls' weekend i went to... you got it. had a great time, but missed my peeps like crazy, funny how that happens.

so, seven years tomorrow, 9/28/2009. maybe it feels significant because we're getting closer to ten? i don't know why, but it does, somehow. it's our copper anniversary; i googled it. so, tomorrow morning, i'm giving him some Fehling's solution and a class D fire extinguisher. and a penny. i love him.

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  1. So cute and so dead on. Saturday night we left T at his grandma's for the night so we could party derby style. Even hungover/drunk Sunday morning, I woke up at 5:45. Tired, but awake.