Sunday, September 6, 2009

hot hot heat, or, WTF? arizona in august?

it's not really a long story, y'know, about why we picked tucson in AUGUST as this year's family vacation. it came down to economics - the hotel room was free, we had coupons for free meals at the hotel, and flights & the rental car were really cheap. which is weird, because why isn't arizona a popular tourist destination IN THE HOTTEST PART OF THE SUMMER? it's beyond me.

the nice thing was, we stayed at a great resort and we were some of the only people there. so, the service was excellent, almost by default - i think the staff was so bored, every time we walked within their field of vision it was like "YES! something to do." there were five pools and most of the time, we were the only ones in the kiddie pool, which f just loved. j and i loved it because we could sip mai tais while sitting on the "baja step," which we learned was an extended third step into the pool which made the pool only about 2 feet deep until you got halfway to the... nevermind. whatever it was, f loved and we did too.

and really, i don't have much to report. despite (or, maybe, because of) the 100+ degree temperatures, we swam a lot, we went to see "ponyo" which f loved and sat through until the storm turned the ocean into some giant blue fish. we saw a hawk and a big lizard up close, and we learned all about javelina while at dinner with auntie corbie one night. kinda wish we hadn't. we went to bed early and napped when f napped. j golfed. f and i went to target. we got caught in a monsoonal thunderstorm, ran to our room, and watched it roll over us from our balcony. we ate and drank. we did not touch the cactus.

so: tucson. it was nice, don't really need to go back. but i'm super grateful that we had a family getaway, even if it was flying straight into the mouth of hell in the middle of summer. next stop: arctic tundra, mid-january. bring it on.

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