Friday, September 11, 2009

the neighberts

f has been chock full of gems lately, as far as talking goes. she's two-and-a-half and her language has just been crazy lately, all the words and phrases she's picking up. she's been telling j and i that we "are not good listeners," that we "get to be the line leaders," and that we "need to try and go potty." it's true, she just started in a new classroom at her preschool, so she's got new rules on the brain. but it is also a constant source of comedy at our house. "dad, you need to sit on the thinking mat," is one of my current favorites. she sings "mary had a little man whose fleece was white as stew." a couple of mornings ago, she picked out a peach from our bowl and wanted to eat it, so i said i wanted to feel it to make sure it was ripe. after i did and decided it was, i washed it and gave it back to her: she bit into it and then yelled happily, "IT WORKS!"

but i think the thing that is melting me the most lately is her pronunciations. "love" is "lub," my name is "huh-lary", piano is "pannio," and the neighbors are the "neighberts". now if she could just get "antidisestablishmentarianism" down, i'll be satisfied. i'm just having a hard time fitting it on the flash card.

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