Wednesday, September 23, 2009

putting the rad in radar, or, a list, pt. 2.

my last two posts have been such downers, and i want to make an attempt to balance my blog's chi with a happy-thoughts post, so here goes: a list of good things that are on my radar right now. (i have radar? really? i mean gaydar, sometimes. but radar? hmm.)

1. f. after a few months of out-of-sortsness and a string of not-even-close to sleeping through the night nights, f has been a peach lately. super funny, snuggly, loving, easy to deal with if she does complain or freak out. i think a big part of this is that she started in a new class at preschool, and she LOVES it and comes home pooped every afternoon, so she's been sleeping all night long again. that, combined with MAJOR potty-training breakthroughs means a happy camper. we'll enjoy it while it lasts! or, as my mom put it, "bwah ha ha ha haaaaaaa!"

2. f's new class. her lead teacher is GREAT with a capital G,R,E,A & T - loving but firm, always seems positive, good sense of humor, tireless, creative... i am so grateful. she has a new male assistant teacher who at first seemed a little reserved but has warmed up and clearly likes f too, so that rocks. and she's already learning new stuff: "baby starts with b! car starts with c! fun starts with z!"

3. j. we're celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary on monday, and he just thrills me to no end after 7 years. on our good days. which thankfully, are most. even when things aren't all rainbows and unicorns, we've found a groove by now that really works. and if we're totally bugged with each other, we deal. things have been really good with us lately. and we're getting a hotel room at a local uber-hipster spot this friday night - his sister, auntie j, is going to spend the night with f at our house. yay!

4. the hillcrest farmer's market. it's become our regular sunday morning plan, now, for f and i, and as if the juice-tastic organic strawberries, local free-range eggs and fresh kettle corn weren't enough, steve poltz sat in with the 7th day buskers a few sundays ago and bumped up the regular family jam quite a few notches. f was smitten.

5. ponyo. the hand-drawn animation, tina fey and matt damon, and the fact that no one blinks an eye when ponyo is a fish with a face who turns into a girl - it is our new favorite movie. so sweet, so rated g, so weird, so good.

6. entourage + top chef + project runway + tivo.

7. girls' nights out, moms' nights out, dinner with girlfriends, dates with j...

8. the holidays are coming! i am a grade-A sap when it comes to the holiday season. i drive around with the nutcracker on cd in my car, i decorate as soon as possible, i love love love it all, from oct. 1 through new year's day. and now with f's birthday in january, it just extends it all. bring it on!

9. the sense that i'm starting to make peace with the craziness my life has become. some women seem to transition into motherhood so smoothly, at least that's how it seems from the outside. me? not so much. i'm still transitioning, and maybe i'll always be trying to figure out how to make time for all the parts of my life i wish i had time for. and letting go of the hanging on to other parts that for now, are just going to have to wait - i'm getting better at it. it's just making more sense, even though it's still not easy. but i'm feeling more at peace with stuff, so i'll take that for now.

10. yogging with a soft j. we cancelled our gym memberships because we're pretty much living on the tightest budget EVER right now (who isn't, right?) so i've been walking around our 'hood in the mornings, and sometimes, even jogging. it's all about the iPod - kanye west "gold digger" > madonna "hung up" > positive k "i got a man" makes for a happy excerciser.

11. i'm going to stop, my fingers are getting sticky from typing all the sweetness.

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  1. aw hil this list makes me very happy. but the thing that made me want to comment was your three choices of jogging (yogging) songs... POSITIVE K, yes please. i know that song by heart and hot damn if it isn't on my jogging mix on my ipod too. i knew i liked you :)