Thursday, September 3, 2009

working for the weekend

a few times a year, my job requires me to work for all or most of the weekend. my mom usually drives down from l.a. and stays with f for the weekend, and they have a grand old time together - f loves her "dranny". and for the most part, these long work weekends are really fun. coachella was one work weekend earlier this year, and i spent my days interviewing cool bands and the nights at the concert and drinking with my co-workers at the beautiful house the station rented for the week. can't really complain. it's hard, though, to fully let go and enjoy during these weekends - it's hard to get f off my mind. don't get me wrong, i definitely have a ton of fun, but it's always there, the knowing that f is there and we are here. i imagine it's like this for all parents, and maybe it will always be this way, and that's ok. it just takes some getting used to.

street scene rolled around last weekend, and as she did last year for street scene, my mom came in to town just in time to shoo j and i out the door and into our awaiting taxi. friday evening we headed downtown and for once, i didn't have to broadcast, so we just ran around, saw bands, and drank beer with our pals. it was awesome. we saw dungen, devendra banhart (who, despite a broken rib, got all sabbath-y on us at one point - totally awesome), band of horses (swoon-worthy), deerhunter, and a little bit of cake. and instead of wanting to stay and just go nuts like i've done at so many street scenes past, after a while, all i wanted to do was to be home, to be near my baby. so i did. went home around 9:30 and was happy as a clam to do it.

saturday, however, was my work day. f and i spent the morning with dranny and auntie j and we gave dran a break for a while too. because really? being one on one with a 2.5 year old for 48 hours? it's a little much, know what i'm saying? all in all it was a good morning and after i put f down for her nap, it was time to shift gears once again and get into work mode. i jumped online to do a little research on the bands i was scheduled to interview, put on my party clothes and headed back downtown.

things got off to an interesting start that afternoon: right as i was walking up to our backstage broadcast trailer, a big beefy guy was standing at the door yelling at our engineer jeremy. "you have five minutes," he told him. jeremy said he needed more than five minutes, and then the guy spun around and stormed off. seems i had walked up on the guy from the trailer company trying to kick us out of our broadcast trailer because the trailer company hadn't been paid for the trailer rentals yet, so they were locking all the bands and us out and going to tow them all unless they got paid. hmmm. our broadcast was scheduled to begin in about fifteen minutes at that point, so we decided to hold off until we knew one way or another if we were going to lose our trailer or not. do note that it was about 90 degrees in the shade that day, and as the minutes ticked on, more and more sweaty and disgruntled-looking band members and managers began lingering under the big tent that was next to our trailer. it wasn't looking pretty - you could just feel (and hear) how pissed off people were. but after about another twenty minutes of waiting around, we decided to just go for it, so on the air we went. it seemed like the bands were eager to do something that got the ugly trailer situation off their minds (or maybe they were just happy to sit in our air-conditioned trailer). i got to interview wes and matt from ra ra riot, chuck d, and silversun pickups that day, and all of them were great. and then i was done!

well. i was done with my part of the broadcast, but i had one more little work thing on my agenda: jack white. i knew he was due at our trailer at seven - halloran was going to interview him about his new band the dead weather, who were playing on the main stage later that night. so i went out to the beer gardens, found j, and brought him backstage with me and back into the trailer. we hung out with hal for about fifteen minutes when jack white came walking in and wow! he's a tall drink of water. he was not scary, as i had imagined him being - i mean, he's jack white! but he was friendly and open and interesting and interested. it was a really cool surprise and it was a thrill. between chuck d and jack white, it was a good day.

we saw public enemy, of montreal, l.a. riots, silversun pickups, and the dead weather that night, and then i started to feel it again: i just wanted to be home with f. i didn't want more beer or more music or more fun - i just wanted to be near my girl. so i went home, and i was one happy mama. my mom and f had a great weekend together and me? i think maybe i'm learning how to balance this whole mama/work thing, slowly but surely. maybe. two-and-a-half years into it. one long weekend at a time.

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  1. Christ almighty, you make my life look dull. LOL.

    Chuck D and Jack White in one day? Wow. Jack White won my heart with the Loretta Lynn album he produced. :)