Friday, October 30, 2009

her name is rio

so, the radio station i work for now is one of the best places i've ever worked. i've had some great times at other stations: KNAC was just a thrill, even if i was intimidated by it all about 98% of the time. 92X in denver had a staff camaraderie and an energy that was really great; we used to have music meetings once a week where we'd all bring munchies, because you never know when you might get a craving for munchies, and then we'd sit back and listen to all the new music that was coming out. we'd snowboard together and our PD bryan schock's family would have the whole staff over for dinner parties. fun. and 91X - well, it was ridiculously good for a long time. cantore, trev, muckley, robin, malcolm and i got into some serious trouble together, in the best way. i spent way too many nights on muck and trev's pleather couch. we watched the blair witch project in the conference room one night, a bootleg copy, one we got before anyone really knew it was fake - i made muckley follow me home that night and make sure i made it into my apartment alive. the friendships we made there and then are strong to this day. it was awesome.

but fm 94.9? i don't think i could dream up a more perfect work situation for myself if i tried. from my very first meeting with garett, i knew in my gut that this was going to be a good place to work. for one, management actually treats people with respect. nutty, right? people genuinely LIKE to work here - morale is good. people are happy and care about the company. people listen to each other's ideas - even mine! crazy. here, it feels like everyone wants to see everyone else succeed. it's peaceful. i like that.

one of the more fun station traditions that i've become a part of is the FM 94.9 "house band" that opens the annual anniversary bashes. our afternoon guy/MD, halloran, spearheads the project each year: he picks the songs, organizes the practices, and rounds up random rockstars to join us onstage for vocal duties. and he can play a mean bass. and our airstaff has some serious talent: between swami and anya alone, we end up sounding pretty good. last year, i had only been on the staff for a few months when the 6th anniversary bash rolled around and i was SO nervous to get onstage. i was playing keyboards, playing the roland juno 2 my dad bought me when i was, oh, 14? the one i wanted because duran duran's nick rhodes played a roland? that one. i was scared, but then we hit the stage, and i could not stop laughing and smiling:

it was a flippin' BLAST. after so many years of being in the crowd watching my husband on stage, i finally got it - rocking is awesome! rocking. hee. anyhow, i loved it. the 7th anniversary bash is next saturday night and i'm getting all nervous just thinking about it, but i can't wait. we've been busy:

between matt from transfer, the incredible ron fountenberry, steve of the styletones and now the just-confirmed bona fide rock star who'll join us for vocals on "i wanna be your dog"... our guest vocalists have some serious chops. jake najor on drums? check. brian karscig stopping by? check. O on guitar? check and check. we've got a couple more practices to go, but i think it's going to be another night to remember. the FM 94.9 house band: just one more reason why i love my job.

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