Wednesday, October 28, 2009

particular molly

you know those people in your life who, even though you may not get to see them very often, you just adore them? and it's hard, because i'd love to hang out more and get to know them better and, like, totally be BFFs, but there's this thing called life and sometimes it just gets in the way. so, i adore from afar and just get giddy like a schoolgirl when i actually do get to see these people; molly is one of these people to me. you'd love her too, because she's kind and funny and smart and definitely a girls' girl. we met when she interned at one of my old stations, 91X, and i thought she was awesome from day one. now she's all grown up and living in london and she started a blog, and that's my whole point: my pal molly has a new blog and it is really cool, especially for those of you with food allergies. check it out: the particular kitchen.

i don't have food allergies that i know of, but i love to cook and, more than that, i love to eat good food. i try to limit meat and i try to eat healthy and wow, molly is full of great ideas. molls! well done!

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  1. thank you thank you thank you sweet hilahils! believe me, the feelings are more than mutual here. can't wait to see you again (wheneverthatmaybe...) xx