Sunday, October 4, 2009

requesting a flyby

and all of the sudden, fall is here. last week it was insane-in-the-membrane HOT here, in our little house with no air conditioning, it was HOT and we were OVER IT. and then? friday? i wore a tank top and flip flops to work and walked out after i got off the air to find it raining. hello, fall! so rude of you to not let us know you were coming by, but we'll pull out some hummus and chat a while, i guess. not like we don't have other things to do.

actually, i loooooove fall. having lived in southern california for the last 34 of my 36 years, even the slightest change of seasons thrills me. and fall especially, because fall means holidays, and holy smashing pumpkin, i loooove the holidays. this weekend, the holiday season began, at least at our house.

friday night j and i cozied up and watched "rachel getting married" which i loved even though i found it pretty intense and depressing. but tunde adibimpe serenading his bride-to-be with an a capella rendition of neil young's "unknown legend"? that scene just floored me. the fact that sesame street's mr. noodle plays the dad was just icing on the cake.

saturday, we went to a birthday party at a park that included planes from the neighboring miramar airshow flying by so loudly every 15 minutes. some kids hated it - luckily, f loved it. maverick & goose put on a good show.

then today: pumpkin patch. we met our good friends the millers there, with their two kids who f adores, and it was game-on. there were pumpkins big and small and a petting zoo with a giant toothy llama and a train to ride and a merry go round too. and there was a big inflatable slide that looked huge to me, but f charged up that thing and back down it with fearless abandon and cracked up every time she got to the bottom.

but bigger than knowing fall is here and the holidays are coming, bigger than petting a goat with no ears, even bigger than getting to hold the giant inflatable baseball bat one of the miller's kids won, was the airplane ride. an airplane! so fast! the sheer joy on her face every time she flew past us just took my breath away, all call-sign "charlie" style.

"tower, this is ghost rider requesting a flyby."

"that's a negative, ghost rider. the pattern is full."


  1. dude, Rachel Getting Married for me was like getting punched in the face for two hours straight. WAAAAY to close to home, on all kinds of fronts. :)

    Nice pics, though.

  2. How can anyone ever have as much fun as this? I don't think it's possible. She's so cute . . .

    BTW, another good movie: Away We Go.