Tuesday, October 20, 2009


in the past week, f has gone from all-around snuggly sweet lovebug to unleashing her inner mini-tyrant at school. friday she apparently was telling her friends that they weren't her friends anymore (something i suspect she picked up from another girl in the class whose mom told me two weeks ago her daughter had been saying it, and i was like, "no way! how awful!"). yesterday her lead teacher reported that she ripped a page out of a big picture book, was grabbing things out of her friends' hands, and putting things in her mouth. you know, things. like someone else's BAND-AID! those kinds of things.

per her teacher's suggestion, last night we did some role-playing at dinner, and i was just thanking god there was no one else around to witness it. the exaggerated voices! the wide eyes and big expressions! we practiced asking our friends for things instead of yanking things out of their hands. me: "DAD! can i play with your keys PLEASE?" and j: "NO, i'm not done playing with them yet!" and because f wanted to be the teacher, then i'd turn to her and say "MISS F, dad isn't ready to SHARE. can you help us TAKE TURNS?" and she'd animatedly instruct j to share the keys with me... and then we'd do it again. it was kinda awesome.

so, internets... any advice? she's in good health, sleeping well, no major life disruptions lately or anything that would throw her off. i'm perplexed. is it just being an almost three year old? it's starting to stress me out, and all of this stress just makes me want to go eat a band-aid.


  1. Don't do it!! Band-aids are bad, mmmmkay? I wouldn't worry about F too much. She is just testing boundaries and learning to exercise her little voice. The teacher gave you really good advice- just keep reminding F about using her "kind words" and manners.

    Keep up the good work! :)


  2. Hey hil...its all normal.

    I found this on Baby Center...hope it helps!

    Three-year-olds can play cooperatively with others, but usually not for long. A successful playdate might last less than an hour. Many 3-year-olds continue to play alone but near other children or cooperate briefly and then move on to their own activity. Long interactive play sessions will probably start next year. Some shy children will need several "dates" to feel comfortable with another child.

    Although your child probably seems much less self-centered than she did a year ago, she's still struggling with sharing. A young preschooler's way of saying "I'd like to play with you" may be to grab a toy from a playmate or even give him a shove. Some kids may be able to resolve conflicts themselves, but most will still run to a grownup for help. Here's your chance to teach about sharing and taking turns: "Why don't you let Jimmy have the bucket first? Then it's your turn." Most kids this age, just learning the art of negotiating, are willing to accept such compromises.

  3. beth, that is good stuff! thank you!!

  4. Normal, if not frustrating.
    Age three has been ridiculous with the attitude.

    And it rubs off on Ella, too. When I pick her up Ella's first phrase is: "I'm not your friend."