Thursday, November 5, 2009


it was mid-september when we learned that our neighbor carly had been in a horrific tour bus accident with her band, a city serene. i wrote about it here and really, it was a couple of weeks before their outside lights finally were off during the day. as the weeks ticked on, j and i began to talk with her parents here and there, and the updates were always hopeful and positive. she's awake! she's talking! she's recognizing people! she's tweeting!! she's being transferred to a hospital in san diego soon! and finally, she's coming home! and she did: carly's home.

last weekend, carly and her mom cathi came over while i was putting f down for her nap. f had just fallen asleep and i was still laying next to her when i heard their voices in our front courtyard. i flew outside to see her with my own two eyes, and she was there, so alive and so cute and funny and just, well, awesome. carly, who suffered a brain-injury, who had a tube in her throat to help her breathe, who had our whole neighborhood talking to god and allah and anna nicole smith (that's another story for another day), asking for them to be with carly and help her survive and thrive - carly was right there, doing just that: thriving. she was talking and laughing and she was smart and sweet and really, aside from the walking cast on her foot, i would have never guessed that she'd been in a coma recently if i didn't know it to be true. carly. you are a stud!

on halloween she and her bandmates got together at the hospital where their drummer mike is still staying, and it was the first time since the accident they were all together again. they say their plan is to make a new record and put it out next year. personally, i think just the fact that they all fought hard to survive and are all doing so well again is more than enough. as a parent, i can't even begin to imagine what cathi and shane went through. having carly home feels like a victory not only for the baker family, but for our little neighborhood too. we're stoked.

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