Monday, November 30, 2009

thankful: a list.

thanksgiving has come and gone like this: whoosh! so fast. i LOVE this time of year and have been thinking about all the things i have to be thankful for. it's something f and i do every night before bed, y'know, we count our blessings. it's one of my favorite times of every day. she's snuggly and clean and warm, it's dark and peaceful, and it feels so good to remember how lucky we are and how much we love all the people we love. anyhoo. what follows is a list of things i'm feeling thankful for today.

1) thanksgiving dinner at my mom & step-dad's house. besides their house being one of the most peaceful places to me, thanksgiving there is always made up of an interesting, large, and lively group and we never know who will be a part of it. we've had everyone from exchange students to the president of a large japanese fashion corporation to a little girl just adopted from china (it was her first day in the US with her new parents) to, well, you name it. this year our group included people of all sexual persuasions and a jesuit priest from portugal. awesome.

2) the pre-thanksgiving dinner ritual at my mom and step-dad's: we pass around a candle and each person says what they are most thankful for. this year, f was one of the last to get the candle, and she was so quiet while everyone (all 18 people) spoke, one at a time - she just waited patiently, holding her grandpa jack's hand, looking so sweet. i was so curious to see what came out of her mouth when it was her turn to talk, but i never would have predicted what happened: she totally busted out a little freestyle rap! she said "i'm thankful for the library and..." then she went off, dropping mad science on all of us. i couldn't make out 75% of what she said but i heard a few "all the days" which is one of her go-to phrases lately. a few of us were in tears - it was truly a priceless moment. a tiny little freestyle flow on thanksgiving - so sweet!

3) my dad's backyard. my dad and my step-mom are two of my favorite people in the world, and my dad's backyard just makes me sooo happy. it's a little wild but it has all kinds of cool things going on; it's a kid's idea of heaven. a playhouse/fort, lots of mud, random plants, room to run, dig, play ball, build bridges, explore, and even a way for the big kids to climb on the garage roof. i love that f gets to play there whenever we visit, and she loves it too.

4) pals. we have some friends who are so selfless, and everyone else reaps the benefits. boobs and los, i'm looking at you.

5) f and j, of course. who knew that love just gets bigger than the universe, all the time? some people know, but it's hard to describe i think. wow, and my gratitude is boundless for it and for them.

6) the holidays! the christmas lights, the shopping, the food and parties and celebrations and lists and traditions and all the good goodness.

7) that ben gibbard show we went to for our last date night. i still keep thinking about it and it takes my breath away.

8) twilight, the books and movies. i resisted them for so long, but dude, they are so much fun! mindless, swoon-worthy fun. haters to the left.

9) mary poppins. been watching a lot of her lately, and i tell you what. julie andrews and dick van dyke? they just don't make them like that anymore! step in time!

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