Monday, December 14, 2009

notes from the hoot

when i left our house saturday afternoon, it was raining, my shoes were untied, and rachel our punk rock babysitter wasn't there yet. i was rushing, see, because i get really nervous before any of our big radio concerts, and the day of the fm 94/9 holiday hootenanny was no different. fortunately i made it to the backstage broadcast on time, with my shoes tied, and j stayed behind until rachel arrived and met me at the show later, so it ended up starting off right. and really, the night only got better from there, despite the bad weather and a few jaded rockstars.

i was supposed to take over the broadcast from halloran at 5pm, but white rabbits were running late, so he stuck around and we sorta interviewed them together. nice guys, steve and alex, though steve seemed a little nervous. but they were funny and chatty and interesting, which made talking with them easy. you can see hal's cheat sheet below (notice the "steve" and "alex" notes on the schedule, to remind him who was sitting where).

our broadcast was set up in "the green room", where all the bands and their managers and roadies and girlfriends and boyfriends and husbands and wives hung out and took advantage of catering. it made for great people watching, seeing phoenix eating grilled vegetables while chatting with the guys from spoon. that kind of crazy rock star action. and halfway through the white rabbits interview, manchester orchestra walked in (all of them) so as soon as white rabbits took off, robert, chris, and andy from M.O. came over and sat down.

i felt like i was well-prepared for the interview, being a big fan of theirs and having jotted down some notes to help me along should things begin to drag. those notes ended up being worth their weight in cheetos because really? those guys made it so easy to interview them - if anything, i had to stop myself from cracking up because more than once, they made me laugh so hard i couldn't talk. which is ridiculous and fun on my end, but doesn't necessarily make for great radio. and based on the rapid-fire back and forth banter and sh*t-giving and inside-joke trading that went on between them for those 20 minutes, i imagine it must have sounded like one big clusterf**k on the air. a funny clusterf**k, but still.

my two favorite moments from the manchester orchestra interview were these: when i played their song "shake it out" on the air, they started harmonizing along with their own song, making fun of themselves the whole time, but it sounded so cool! it was my own little private seranade. the other: at some point, andy and chris started quoting steve martin, this (old, random) bit he does in "steve martin live" about speaking french, and i jumped in and started saying it along with them, because i'm a nerd like that and a huge steve martin fan, and they looked at me like, huh? we bonded over "oeuf means egg! chapeau means hat! it's like those french have a different word for everything!" the only other person in my life who can quote old steve martin bits with me is one of my closest friends in the world, kelly, so hearing it come out of those guys' mouths was felt like i had entered bizarro world. in a really good way.

i also interviewed jim & britt from spoon:

and did i mention that the fellas in manchester orchestra were a great interview? they were. a great interview.

other things worth noting: phoenix had a posse of incredibly hip french women hanging out with them backstage, the guys in white rabbits were very polite, the styletones blew people's minds in the "beernasium", someone vomited in the VIP elevator, blue moon and pop chips are a winning combination, ezra from vampire weekend must have been very hot in that puffy vest, and the view from onstage was epic.

oh, and phoenix wear cool shoes.

but my favorite part of the night, besides getting a night out with j and having so much fun with him and his sister auntie j, was this: it was the first time every single band joined us onstage for our final stage announcement. everyone but britt from spoon, who didn't want to. not only were all of the bands super cool, but they were super cool, you know? everyone (mostly) seemed genuinely happy to be there. it was awesome.

(notice norm saying dude, someone ripped one!)

photo by boredmel


  1. good grief that sounds like one magical night! manchester orch have excellent facial hair :)

  2. To this day, I recover from digressions with, "So, you go to Paris, France...". Nobody ever has any idea what I'm talking about.