Sunday, January 31, 2010


life is throwing our little family a few curveballs lately. j's uncle is critically ill, and he's only in his 40s, and the whole situation is turning into an intense family drama like nothing we've ever experienced. work has been a little bit stressful for me lately, but really, i can't complain, and i know it's going to smooth out soon. our financial situation is ok, but it could be a lot better. i know it's all relative and that compared to the people of haiti or darfur or you name it, we're doing great, and i keep that in mind as often as possible, i do. but i'm human, and sometimes my little world feels like a lot of big stuff, you know? one thing i've learned, though, about having a child, is that all of that - all of it! all the stress and worry and tension and frustration and sadness- it just drops by the wayside as soon as i'm with our girl. everything else in the world is, for the most part, just background noise when i'm hanging out with her and we can just be in the moment. it's good for the soul. even if that moment is one where i'm wearing a blanket on my head with a tiara on top of that and f is yelling "LITTLE GIRL! I NEED A SNACK!" at me. something magical in that right there, i swear.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

studio b

today, tomorrow, and possibly friday, i'll be doing my show from a different studio than the one we normally broadcast in: studio b. and while really it's no big deal, it is kinda weird - it's like driving someone else's car. a little freaky at first and i keep forgetting where the turn signal is. oh, and the added bonus is that studio b doesn't play mp3s and a lot of our newer songs are on mp3s. so we've got that going for us. it's a little sterile up in here, no posters or art or stickers anywhere, so i dropped a chip on the floor and ground it into the carpet. made it feel more like studio a. which is sorta like my second home.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oeno - file

maynard james keenan + bob odenkirk + wine = ican'twaittoseethis! i hear it's going to play at the la paloma on february 19th and 21st. i'm totally sneaking a (screw cap) bottle in.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

carmela would approve

the other night, my friend heather and i were trying to choose a place to meet for dinner that was about halfway between our two houses. we didn't want to have to venture too far off the 805 because the weather was so awful, so we were left with a smattering of big chain restaurants (that frankly, excited neither of us) to choose from. i was yelping and googling the crap out of the UTC/university city area, looking for anything that looked even remotely intriguing, and finally i noticed that a place called lorna's italian kitchen on governor kept coming up, with great reviews to boot. i shot heather a link and she was sold. and dude: we made a good choice.

my camera phone picture doesn't do it justice, but i put my fork in the shot for some size perspective; this spinach/mushroom/gorgonzola calzone was so immense that when it was set down in front of me, we both laughed out loud and heather said "it's a turkey!" it was by far the best calzone i've ever had, and i tasted heather's linguine fra diavolo and that was damn good too. lorna's is in a little strip mall near a vons (and, awesomely, next door to a squirt your own yogurt joint) and it's a tiny little place, but if you get a chance - treat yourself. the service was excellent, the food was excellent, and did i mention their wine bottles are half off tues - thurs? lorna! loving you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

lather up!

this is f's current favorite jam. it's f tested and me approved, and the video even starts with a cameo by my pal swami! super rad.

Monday, January 18, 2010

the year in review

2010 has gotten off to a lively start. so far, this has happened:

* um, haiti earthquake, anyone? have you donated yet? i did & it felt good, but also, like not enough. the devastation is hard to wrap my head around.
* j's uncle has been hospitalized & had open heart surgery
* j was put in the middle of a terrible family feud, even though we live really far away and he has nothing to do with any of it. it's been heartbreaking.
* a favorite colleague of mine was unexpectedly let go
* i thought i might not have a job by the end of the week
* i found out i would still have a job, & that my station was getting a new morning show
* f took a soccer class & declared "i love kossker!"
* f & i both somehow dodged the stomach flu, despite serious exposure (yay!)
* j's sister, her son, his dad & step-mom all came to visit
* we made s'mores in our new fire pit
* we killed all the green ground cover that was growing beneath our fire pit
* and, a varmint of unidentified origins has eaten our radish seedlings

lots of stuff going on in a measly two weeks. i wouldn't, however, call it rocky; i think lively about sums it up. just a lot of drama. j might call it rocky. poor guy is doing his best to mediate a big mess from 600 miles away, and it has been really rough for him. once again, i thank my lucky stars that i married such a good guy.

f has been a peach, just funny and easy going (when she isn't saying "no! i! won't!") and her new favorite word is "usually". she's been really into the 101 dalmatians book lately, and every night when i read it to her, she asks me to explain the word "hope" to her. after my explanation she tells me, "like i hope i want to go to disneyland!" which is just about right. also, she calls them "down by matians" and insists that i do too.

hopefully, j's uncle will pull through this and the family feud will mellow out. and f's 3rd birthday is soon, so that means all kind of fun lies ahead. and the superbowl! and maybe a ballet class for f (and more kossker classes too). oh, and i just started "breaking dawn" (dude! is bella prego? wtf?) & have a stack of new books to wade through (my family loves to give books for gifts, and christmas was no different this year).i have a feeling things are going to be a-ok.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


in an effort not to get dooced, i've refrained from blogging all week, because the most blog-worthy thing in my world right now also happens to be work-related. here's what i feel is ok to talk about: yes, our afternoon staple and music director, halloran, was let go last monday, and yes, the rumors are rampant that more change is to come, but i don't know any more than that and really, all i can do right now is hold on for the ride. radio seems to love a good shake-up these days, and the days of big money talent may be a thing of the past. in the past few months three major morning shows and one afternoon show have not been renewed, and in my 17 years of being on the radio, i've never experienced anything like this, where all kinds of talent at multiple companies are off the air at the same time. people are looking for some insight, but here's the thing: i have none, and i know that's by design - us DJs are generally the last to know. probably a smart thing, seeing as how we talk for a living.

i get the sense that more change is coming soon to san diego radio - how could it not? but i do feel hopeful, regardless of the fact that i've been wrong many times before. right now, being optimistic and just putting my head down and trying to focus on delivering a good radio show is just about all i can do. well, that, and watch "horton hears a who" with the volume down and the new devendra banhart album on full blast...

Monday, January 4, 2010


our girl made me so happy tonight when she looked a photo on our mantel and said "mama! alex lifeson is a BOY!" now if she names her stuffed animals "by tor and the snow dog", i'll be really impressed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

loud love!

it appears as though chris cornell confirmed on twitter - at the stroke of midnight, NYE no less - that a soundgarden reunion is imminent. dude!