Sunday, January 31, 2010


life is throwing our little family a few curveballs lately. j's uncle is critically ill, and he's only in his 40s, and the whole situation is turning into an intense family drama like nothing we've ever experienced. work has been a little bit stressful for me lately, but really, i can't complain, and i know it's going to smooth out soon. our financial situation is ok, but it could be a lot better. i know it's all relative and that compared to the people of haiti or darfur or you name it, we're doing great, and i keep that in mind as often as possible, i do. but i'm human, and sometimes my little world feels like a lot of big stuff, you know? one thing i've learned, though, about having a child, is that all of that - all of it! all the stress and worry and tension and frustration and sadness- it just drops by the wayside as soon as i'm with our girl. everything else in the world is, for the most part, just background noise when i'm hanging out with her and we can just be in the moment. it's good for the soul. even if that moment is one where i'm wearing a blanket on my head with a tiara on top of that and f is yelling "LITTLE GIRL! I NEED A SNACK!" at me. something magical in that right there, i swear.

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