Sunday, January 10, 2010


in an effort not to get dooced, i've refrained from blogging all week, because the most blog-worthy thing in my world right now also happens to be work-related. here's what i feel is ok to talk about: yes, our afternoon staple and music director, halloran, was let go last monday, and yes, the rumors are rampant that more change is to come, but i don't know any more than that and really, all i can do right now is hold on for the ride. radio seems to love a good shake-up these days, and the days of big money talent may be a thing of the past. in the past few months three major morning shows and one afternoon show have not been renewed, and in my 17 years of being on the radio, i've never experienced anything like this, where all kinds of talent at multiple companies are off the air at the same time. people are looking for some insight, but here's the thing: i have none, and i know that's by design - us DJs are generally the last to know. probably a smart thing, seeing as how we talk for a living.

i get the sense that more change is coming soon to san diego radio - how could it not? but i do feel hopeful, regardless of the fact that i've been wrong many times before. right now, being optimistic and just putting my head down and trying to focus on delivering a good radio show is just about all i can do. well, that, and watch "horton hears a who" with the volume down and the new devendra banhart album on full blast...


  1. That is all you can do. Be the best you can be. People do notice. We love ya and are still listening.

  2. I feel for you guys. As someone who worked in college radio--about as far away as you can get from commercial--I am saddened by the recent turn of events and concerned about the future of the medium. Rarely have I felt about a commercial station the way I feel about FM94.9, I hope the powers that be find a way to keep it "about the music."