Monday, January 18, 2010

the year in review

2010 has gotten off to a lively start. so far, this has happened:

* um, haiti earthquake, anyone? have you donated yet? i did & it felt good, but also, like not enough. the devastation is hard to wrap my head around.
* j's uncle has been hospitalized & had open heart surgery
* j was put in the middle of a terrible family feud, even though we live really far away and he has nothing to do with any of it. it's been heartbreaking.
* a favorite colleague of mine was unexpectedly let go
* i thought i might not have a job by the end of the week
* i found out i would still have a job, & that my station was getting a new morning show
* f took a soccer class & declared "i love kossker!"
* f & i both somehow dodged the stomach flu, despite serious exposure (yay!)
* j's sister, her son, his dad & step-mom all came to visit
* we made s'mores in our new fire pit
* we killed all the green ground cover that was growing beneath our fire pit
* and, a varmint of unidentified origins has eaten our radish seedlings

lots of stuff going on in a measly two weeks. i wouldn't, however, call it rocky; i think lively about sums it up. just a lot of drama. j might call it rocky. poor guy is doing his best to mediate a big mess from 600 miles away, and it has been really rough for him. once again, i thank my lucky stars that i married such a good guy.

f has been a peach, just funny and easy going (when she isn't saying "no! i! won't!") and her new favorite word is "usually". she's been really into the 101 dalmatians book lately, and every night when i read it to her, she asks me to explain the word "hope" to her. after my explanation she tells me, "like i hope i want to go to disneyland!" which is just about right. also, she calls them "down by matians" and insists that i do too.

hopefully, j's uncle will pull through this and the family feud will mellow out. and f's 3rd birthday is soon, so that means all kind of fun lies ahead. and the superbowl! and maybe a ballet class for f (and more kossker classes too). oh, and i just started "breaking dawn" (dude! is bella prego? wtf?) & have a stack of new books to wade through (my family loves to give books for gifts, and christmas was no different this year).i have a feeling things are going to be a-ok.


  1. Family drama stinks. Good thing it is taking place 600 miles away. Drama from a distance isn't quite as bad. You sound like a glass half full type of person which is a very good thing. Three is a fantastic age, you indeed have a lot to look forward to.

    And when all else fails, you can always listen to this:

  2. That is quite a lot going on and the jan isn't even over yet. such a bummer about the fam drama. some good things though....glad all is good with the job and so glad you guys dodged our germs!!