Tuesday, February 9, 2010

like it's 1999

here's the thing: when it comes right down to it, i'm not the best at throwing parties. in my dreams, i'm an easygoing entertainer, all jordan ferney-like or giada-style, where everyone has such a great time and they throw their heads back with laughter and we drink cool drinks and play games and party stylishly into the night. in reality, i think i worry too much about whether or not everyone is having a good time and i have a hard time relaxing. i sweat. i stress. when we're hosting, that is. but i love going to other people's parties, and thank my lucky stars that we have friends who not only love to entertain, but excel at it. other people's parties are the best!

case in point: last weekend. between friday afternoon and sunday evening, we went to two adult parties, two kid parties, and a superbowl party for all ages. it was a whirlwind of awesomeness! and we even found time to have our good friends over for drinks on saturday afternoon. (it just hit me - now that f is three, we just might be getting our mojo back!)

the highlights were both on sunday. in the morning, f and i went to her friend k's house for a "girls only" valentine's party and dude - it was a great party! k and her family live in a killer house near kate sessions park that has huge windows overlooking all of mission bay, and they created the spread to end all spreads. there was so much good food and it was all fancy, from the lox to the chocolate dipped strawberries. we mamas sipped mimosas and the girls had raspberry lemonade. i felt so adult! i made sure to hold my pinkie in the air with every drink. the girls played and ran around the house and eventually put on some dress-up clothes and gave us a little fashion show in the backyard. it was ridiculously cute.

that afternoon was the superbowl, so the three of us went to our good friends' house in cardiff and the kids played and played while we got to actually watch some of the game! i think it was the first superbowl i've actually watched a fair amount of since 2006, and it was a doozy! while we cheered on the saints, ate homemade chili and drank good beer, f joined the pack of kids running around in the backyard, playing wii tennis, and painting each other's fingernails with sparkly polish. because nothing says superbowl like sparkly nail polish, know what i mean?

by the time we got home on sunday night, we were all pooped, but it was the best kind of tired. it was just a good weekend. i felt like we all got lots of QT together, but we were doing fun stuff with good friends all weekend. and most of all, we reaped the benefits of our friends kick-ass hosting skills. the funny thing is, i think we're having a few people over this weekend. thanks to my friends who made it look easy, i'm actually looking forward to it.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I feel the same way about entertaining, usually want to have people over after I have had a great time at someone else's house.

    It's great that you are giving your daughter plenty of opportunity to be flexible and sociable--that is the best way to insure that your social life will continue as well! That's also one of the reasons it is important to expose kids to restaurants (nice ones) when they are young.