Monday, March 15, 2010

mix tape.

though it's not really on a cassette, unfortunately, tonight i made a mix CD as a birthday gift for a friend. as soon as i turned on my computer, i was completely sucked in. it took me about 45 minutes just to choose all the songs, and another 20 minutes to put them in the right order: you know, the right one? just the right order. mix tapes! one of the few things i miss about the 80s.

so i made it for a dear sweet lovely friend of mine, tara, who has been going through some really rough stuff in her life lately, and while i didn't want it to be too much of a downer, i'm big on music as catharsis and wanted to set her up with some gems that would hit her in the right spot. i'm burning myself a copy too, because so many songs that i have in itunes just don't get to see the light of day nearly enough. i'm kinda nerding out on the radness. so, don't tell tara, but this is what she's getting for her birthday:

the scabs "don't be so stingy with your pingy"
the moondoggies "black shoe"
hacienda "she's got a hold on me"
m. ward (with zooey, but not officially she & him) "never had nobody like you"
band of horses "is there a ghost"
blitzen trapper "furr"
blitzen trapper "not your lover"
death cab for cutie "marching bands of manhattan"
amos lee "keep it loose, keep it tight"
amos lee "all my friends"
john prine & iris dement "in spite of ourselves"
greg laswell "in spite of me" (morphine cover)
mark eitzel "firefly" (live)
sarah mclachlan "good enough" (live on kcrw)
wilco "passenger side"
wilco "impossible germany"
unbelievable truth "settle down"
luka bloom "bad" (u2 cover)
aj croce "lying on the ground"

and i wanted to include brad mehldau's nine minute piano version of radiohead's "paranoid android", but the tape ran out. bummer.

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  1. Sweet! 'Passenger Side' is such a funny little ditty and one of our favs off A.M. Your friend's spirits will be lifted in no time. :)