Tuesday, March 30, 2010

where we at

well, j got his wires off on monday. he has two broken molars that need fixing, but other than that he's all "look at me! eating solid food!" so that rocks.

unfortunately, the morning he went in to get those wires removed, he woke up with near-debilitating pain from what his chiropractor, neurologist, and primary care doctor all think is a bulging disc. homeboy can barely talk, let alone sleep or just plain deal. i feel really helpless, and i'd like to punch the physical therapist who can't see him until NEXT TUESDAY. we're exploring other options, because, dude. that is ridonk. and the amount of calls, referrals, appointments, x rays, MRIs, approvals, more phone calls, faxes, snotty receptionists and general BS that he is going through just to get some relief - it is truly mind boggling.

on top of all of that fun - wait! it gets better! i have a sinus infection that now safely falls into the "recurring" category. nothing sounds better on the radio than a nasal DJ. my doctor couldn't get me in until MAY so i am going to urgent care this afternoon before i pick up f. f, who, lucky her, gets to come with me to my annual gyno appointment tomorrow because j can't deal and when i tried to reschedule that one, they said "does june work for you?"

the good news is, f is all kinds of hilarious these days. that is, when she's not melting down because it's dinner time and she can't watch "ponyo" for the 4 millionth time. mostly, she is totally awesome. sleeping well, knock on wood. doing well at school. happy and funny and still calling me "little girl". she even wore her "princess dress" to school today. you know, over her clothes. it's a good look.

so that's it. life, punching us in the guts right now. we'll get through it! i know it could be a lot worse.

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