Thursday, April 8, 2010

a list. or two

the bad:

1. j's back is still f'd. like, i've never seen anyone in so much constant pain. and holy health care system, are you kidding me? his primary care doc ordered x-rays, then referred him to a neurologist who ordered an MRI, who now claims he still hasn't gotten the "final" results of the MRI even though the MRI people said they sent the neurologist the results last wednesday, so the neurologist says he's referring j to a neurosurgeon (!!) who, four days later, says he hasn't received the referral yet... and don't even get me started on the physical therapy. or the chiropractor. or the neurologist's receptionist and faulty phone system. wheee!

2. aftershocks. lots of them. we really felt the 7.2 quake in northern mexico last sunday, and there was just another big 5.5 aftershock this morning. a little freaky.

the good:

1. j finally decided to try acupuncture and had a good experience - not only that, he came home feeling hopeful, which is huge in my book. even better: the next day, his acupuncturist called and spent 20 minutes on the phone with him going over his MRI (she had gotten it, no problem). when they hung up he said it was the first time he felt like any of his health care providers had offered him any sort of actual information, let alone hope and some instructions. so, he's cutting down on sugar and going back to acupuncture. which, naturally, his insurance doesn't cover. oh well. if it works, we'll find a way to swing it.

2. our front yard landscape project is in full effect! i mean, no offense to the two tons of lava rock that was put there in 1972, but DUDE. it's going to be awesome and there will be nary a blade of grass in sight: low water all the way. it doesn't hurt that j's sister is a landscape architect! thanks to her, we've been up late googling plants with names like "sagina" just for the giggles.

3. coachella is next weekend and j thinks he's going to rally and go with me! i really, really hope he does and that he's not in pain the whole time.

4. this morning, f woke me up by climbing into our bed and sticking her tongue in my mouth. nothing like a wake-up call that is both funny and slimy to start the day.

and so it goes.

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