Tuesday, April 20, 2010


now that we're parents, preparing to leave town (especially when we're going somewhere without f) has turned into what feels like a decathlon of ridiculousness and stress. the fact that i was going to be working all weekend at coachella meant my to-do list last week just got silly. i ended up writing it out on a piece of paper from a yellow legal pad - i set up a grid and planned out each day in order to maximize my time before we left. i am a nerd that way, but dude! i can't sleep if i can't write everything down because i feel like i will forget something. and i did, but oh well.

my pre-coachella to-do list:

stock the kitchen
write out explicit instructions for f's nighttime routine
google map and print directions to her school, the park, vons, & target
leave info and phone numbers with f's teachers
listen again to the new records by the raveonettes, hockey, & one eskimo
get keys to the right people
make sure we have enough toilet paper & pull-ups
do the devo song study
write out instructions for tivo, the heater, and the DVD player
figure out what to wear
charge camera batteries
buy good beer
research white rabbits, tokyo police club, & the cribs (& listen to their records)
dye my roots (sheesh! but it's true)
take f to the capezio store in UTC to get ballet gear for her class that starts the monday we get back
call my mom like 10 times, auntie too (they were both watching f for the weekend)
listen to the phoenix, spoon, & vampire weekend records again
pack her lunch for thursday (sack lunch, field trip to the park) and friday
write a check for f's picture day and deliver it to school
record 5 concert calendars
gas up my car

the most seamless melding of my two worlds were the moments last week when i was, say, listening to vampire weekend's first record as f and i drove to get her some ballet shoes. or writing out her nighttime routine while the white rabbits played on the ipod. and then it all came together when devo was at the coachella house with us and after our interview, i told mark that our daughter loved him on yo gabba gabba and he drew her a picture! and signed it! it's a framer: a picture of a devo energy dome with "to F - yo gabba gabba! q: are we not men? a: we are devo" and his signature at the bottom. i was ecstatic! we showed it to her when we got home and told her it was by mark from yo gabba gabba and she gasped (!) and said "i love it!" and then today i saw this video that was taken at coachella, and i felt like it epitomizes my life; kid + music (+ joy!). yo gabba gabba + king khan & the shrines. that about sums it up.

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