Thursday, May 27, 2010

the most gracious rockstar

growing up in manhattan beach, one of my closest friends was tammy brown. there was a little posse of us: tammy, kelly, chelsea, becky, jenny m; we were in brownies and girl scouts together (tammy's mom chris was our troop leader more than once), played AYSO soccer together, did jr. lifeguards together - to this day, i feel beyond lucky that i grew up with the friends that i did. most of us are still close friends and now our kids are becoming friends. life has been good to us.

tammy's cousin is jack johnson. i remember hearing stories about jack and his brothers in hawaii. something about jack not wearing a seat belt as a baby (back in the 70s, when seat belts weren't taken as seriously) and chris reaching across the car to grab him as the car door opened when they went around a corner? stuff like that - the family lore you get wind of when you grow up together. no big deal. tammy told me one day when i'd first started working at 91X that her cousin jack was playing music at some surf industry parties and stuff, and that either surfer or surfing magazine was going to include an EP of his songs in an upcoming issue, and would i want a copy? so i got a few of his songs from her on CD and i remember listening to it and immediately feeling like it was going to be big. at least in san diego, on 91X, i felt like people were going to LOVE it. his song "flake" was on the EP and that's the one that stood out to me, so i started taking it to the 91X music meetings (once a week we'd all get together in muckley's office and check out all the new music). it felt like i brought that EP in to those meetings every week for a couple months - i would not give up. it just felt so RIGHT, that song, for what was going on in san diego right then. bands like buck 09 and sprung monkey and sublime were huge, as was bob marley, and jack seemed to fit in there somewhere, real good, in my humble opinion. i'm not sure if my program director bryan schock just got tired of hearing me beg or if he finally started to really hear what i was hearing, but he one day said "let's do it," so we did. recently jack was interviewed for yahoo music and he talked about getting on 91X (it starts right around the 3:15 mark or so).

i remember the first time i played "flake" on 91X - i was nervous and THRILLED and i could not believe it. i was so, so happy that my instinct was being given a chance (thank you, bryan and chris) and i was so scared that my instinct was going to be wrong, and that it would be just another flash in the pan (i had also lobbied hard for "jolene" by spring heeled jack at one point, and that bombed). thankfully, i didn't worry long, because our phones started going nuts for "flake" and really never stopped. jack became HUGE in san diego and now, worldwide, and his success makes me so happy every time i hear about it and him. i've only met him a couple times, but my impression of him is that he is kind, gracious, loyal, and overflowing with integrity and love. he chatted up my nephew at tammy's wedding when i told him my nephew was a big fan - that meant a lot to me. he has a beautiful family, his wife is awesome, and he has done really good things with what he has to work with. so to hear him give tammy and i credit for taking part in getting him on the air back in the day - it humbles me and reminds me what a good guy he is. here it is, over a decade later, and he still mentions it! so cool. i just thank my lucky stars it wasn't, say, limp bizkit i was lobbying for. *pee shivers*

Friday, May 21, 2010

amen, sister.

kelle hampton's blog is a treat to read and look at. her nella birth story, in all its honesty and beauty, had me sobbing out loud, and her awesome photos of her beautiful family just make me happy. but it's her most recent post that has really spoken to me, because it pretty much perfectly sums up feelings i've been having since f was born about going out and going to shows vs. wanting to stay home and tuck her in and be with her. the back and forth, the constant inner conflict, the knowing that it's good for mamas to be out and do some things just for ourselves, but shouldn't we, aren't we supposed to also be home with our babes? anyhow. i don't go out that much, i think i average about once a week. when i do, the thoughts of f are never far from the surface, and they bubble up often. but sometimes, going out to see a band or something is so good for the soul that it makes me a better mama. thanks to kelle for saying what i've been thinking.

Monday, May 10, 2010

with a BIG delight!

f is saying the coolest things lately. the way she is understanding language, the way we can see her thinking so hard to try to come up with the right word, the way she strings together a combination of english, spanish, and gibberish to create the most epic sentences and statements. i can't get enough of it and sometimes i wish i could just follow her around with a tape recorder (do those even exist anymore?) and record her musings. yesterday she said something about someone doing something "with a BIG delight!" and j and i just looked at each other and giggled at the cuteness. ok, i giggled - he chuckled.

anyhow. the best is when she "reads" to us. she picks up a book and tells us the story in her words. she usually starts with "once upon a time..." and her voice gets louder and softer relative to the confidence she feels in her choice of words. so her gibberish is almost said under her breath, but she just keeps babbling and talking and creating the words she needs even if she doesn't even know them yet. "and then (she takes a deep breath while she thinks) and then he JUMPED up on the flick flack and sussed his CHICO to the airport!" we hear a lot of "all the day!" - not sure where that came from, but when she makes up her own songs (which happens pretty often lately too) she throws "early in the morning" in about every four lines. all of it is precious, and classic, and beautiful in it's purity. mother's day was just right at our house, and f "reading" to me and singing me songs throughout the day was a big part of it. i can't get enough of her.