Friday, May 21, 2010

amen, sister.

kelle hampton's blog is a treat to read and look at. her nella birth story, in all its honesty and beauty, had me sobbing out loud, and her awesome photos of her beautiful family just make me happy. but it's her most recent post that has really spoken to me, because it pretty much perfectly sums up feelings i've been having since f was born about going out and going to shows vs. wanting to stay home and tuck her in and be with her. the back and forth, the constant inner conflict, the knowing that it's good for mamas to be out and do some things just for ourselves, but shouldn't we, aren't we supposed to also be home with our babes? anyhow. i don't go out that much, i think i average about once a week. when i do, the thoughts of f are never far from the surface, and they bubble up often. but sometimes, going out to see a band or something is so good for the soul that it makes me a better mama. thanks to kelle for saying what i've been thinking.


  1. I spent the past 16 years focusing primarily on my two kids--not a lot of feeding this mama's soul. I am just starting to do that now. I think (for whatever it is worth) it is much better (for both the kids and the mom) to do both. Side benefit: now that I am doing more of my thing, my kids appear to appreciate me a bit more.

    It is really important to remember that even though you've given life, you were also given one.

  2. true...of course, i had to read the birth story too. cried mt eyes out. thanks for sharing her link. i needed that. xoxo