Monday, May 10, 2010

with a BIG delight!

f is saying the coolest things lately. the way she is understanding language, the way we can see her thinking so hard to try to come up with the right word, the way she strings together a combination of english, spanish, and gibberish to create the most epic sentences and statements. i can't get enough of it and sometimes i wish i could just follow her around with a tape recorder (do those even exist anymore?) and record her musings. yesterday she said something about someone doing something "with a BIG delight!" and j and i just looked at each other and giggled at the cuteness. ok, i giggled - he chuckled.

anyhow. the best is when she "reads" to us. she picks up a book and tells us the story in her words. she usually starts with "once upon a time..." and her voice gets louder and softer relative to the confidence she feels in her choice of words. so her gibberish is almost said under her breath, but she just keeps babbling and talking and creating the words she needs even if she doesn't even know them yet. "and then (she takes a deep breath while she thinks) and then he JUMPED up on the flick flack and sussed his CHICO to the airport!" we hear a lot of "all the day!" - not sure where that came from, but when she makes up her own songs (which happens pretty often lately too) she throws "early in the morning" in about every four lines. all of it is precious, and classic, and beautiful in it's purity. mother's day was just right at our house, and f "reading" to me and singing me songs throughout the day was a big part of it. i can't get enough of her.


  1. I love the f stories...she is adorable!!

  2. She is so smart and funny! Miss that girl. This age is so much fun (well, minus the huge tantrums we are having here). xoxox