Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i hope yes!

f is saying so many mind-bogglingly good things lately, i've been jumping up and running to the office or to the kitchen to write them down verbatim on a regular basis.

some recent gems:

her (happily): "i'm a doctor! i promise i'm going to hurt you!"
me: "i hope not!"
her: "i hope yes!"

playing with her dollhouse, she grabbed one of the male dolls and said "this is god, the furniture guy!"

"i am the queen, and you are the king! and i am the king and you are the king!"

"when i grow up, i'm going to be a store opener."

and the honesty! me: "f, do you want to talk to grandma?" her: "no!" or this morning, when i dropped her off at preschool and her buddy was trying to get f to chase her: "i am DONE playing with you right now!" - how liberating to be completely honest when you don't feel like doing something. with absolutely no regard for social graces. so awesome. i hope that honesty will stay with her in the years to come. who knows? it may serve her well. you know, in her career as a store opener.

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  1. you should have a twitter feed for just f's one-liners. they are so awesome!