Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the studio.

it's my office and my home away from home: the fm 94/9 studio. every morning just before 10am i shake off whatever is going on in my world and lean into the door to get inside (that dang door is soundproof and SO HEAVY). i set my stuff down: my coffee and water bottle go here, my purse goes there, my backpack over there. and then i start my routine. i imagine everyone has a routine when you are first starting work each day, right? what is yours? or is it a slight case of OCD? anyhow, i digress. it goes like this:

move the monitors (mikey stacks them, i like them side-by-side)
turn off the studio TV (because, really, cnn? you call that news?)
press the "mic 1" button
take all the pots on the mixer board out of "off line"
grab my music log
sign in on the commercial log
press 20 million more buttons on the mixer board
move the mic front and center
log into our audio recorder
and finally, plug in my headphones.

and then i can start. thank goodness i have beck looking out for me.

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