Tuesday, July 20, 2010


yesterday afternoon, f's swim school called to tell me class had to be canceled because there was a "fecal accident" in the pool. when we got home, i told j about it, because the phrase "fecal accident" made me giggle like the 9 year old that i really am. as i was telling him about it, f asked "what's a fecal accident?" so i explained to her it's what happens when one of the little kids has a poo poo accident in the pool. she was somewhat fascinated by this, being 3 1/2 and newly potty trained herself. we discussed the concept of fecal accidents and their repercussions at length. it was pretty awesome.

this morning, we decided to check her class calendar to see what they'd be doing at school today. since they're learning about the letter "V" right now, "vehicles" was on today's agenda. when i read that out loud to her, her eyes lit up and she said "vehicle, mama? LIKE POO POO IN THE POOL! A VEHICLE ACCIDENT!"

that's our girl.

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  1. That is very cute. And unlike some people (Sarah Palin comes to mind) F will figure out the difference long before she hits adulthood. What's really exciting is when you are IN the pool and the fecal accident occurs! Ever see toddlers finger-point?