Wednesday, August 4, 2010

artsy fartsy

so i married a musician and i play music on the radio for a living, but i can't sing to save my life (i sound pretty convincingly like a dying cow) and i can play "chopsticks" on the piano, but that's about it. ditto for art: my doodles and any painting i do with f - let's just say she and i are about on the same level, artistically. and she's three. but my love of art in all forms - my love of music, dance, theater, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, graffiti, performance art, film, poetry, literature, am i missing anything? i love it ALL. in our little family we are all about trying to encourage f to explore art in all its myriad forms and we (usually) have a good time getting messy doing it. we collect art, little by little, for our home, and we are don't discriminate: if we like it, we try to buy it. it means so much to me that our house is full of our funky little art collection and i feel fortunate to live in this border town with such a thriving arts scene. yesterday i walked around our house and took pictures of my favorites - after our family street art day this past weekend, i've had it on the brain.

this one my mom gave me for my 21st birthday. when my sister turned 21 my mom gave her pearls, so when i turned 21 my mom said i could have pearls or i could have some money to choose something equally special. this is what i picked:

big al taplet, heavy in more ways than one:

this one was a gift from tim mccormick:

this was a birthday present from j a few years ago:

a wall in f's bedroom:

and we have a couple things in our office too. these paintings i got from my friend tammy's garage sale - they were hung in her grandma's house in hawaii and i fell in love with them.

and that one in the middle is by jack - it's still one of my favorites. he's got a good point, no?

it's nothing fancy, but it makes us happy, our little collection. and when we heard about viva la revolucion, we really wanted to go check it out, with f in tow. so last saturday morning she put on her favorite princess dress and lime green crocs and we buckled in and headed out. we had printed out a map, thanks to the MCASD website, so we headed into hillcrest first to see shepard fairey's huge mural on 5th. it is awesome:

after hillcrest, we headed downtown and drove past invader's "the mothership" on the side of the art center building:

we ripped around and saw these, and though i'm unclear about whether or not they are part of the official exhibition, they are still rad:

we saw the os gemeos one on the south side of horton plaza and a couple others too, and finished up in south park where we checked out the other shepard fairey mural, which may be my favorite. the monk:

my picures hardly do any of these justice: carly ealey took a bunch of great ones, mike maxwell shot some awesome video of the installs and sezio has a good look at the street installations and the museum exhibition too. family art day rules. up next: family street taco day. odelay!


  1. LOVE this! and is that a tollipop print in f's room? cute!!!

  2. I also have the artistic ability of a 3 year old. My kids make better smiley faces than I can

    I can write a mean song with lots of profanity bellowed in cue!

    Thanks for sharing this......