Thursday, August 26, 2010


today is f's last day in the classroom she's been in for the past year - next week she starts in a new room with mostly 4 year olds. which, while it is exciting and she's so ready for it, it's also bittersweet, you know? this morning as she was eating breakfast, i mentioned this to her: that she'd been in this class for a whole year, and today is her last day!

she said, "yes! sunday, wednesday, firsday, friday, monday, wednesday! a WHOLE YEAR OF ALL THE DAYS, mama!"

"yes!" i said. "a whole year."

she thought (and chewed) for a second. "i is so lucky," she said. we milk cheers'd to that. we is all so lucky, my little sugar buns.

(on the IB pier with auntie jenny)

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  1. We is all lucky indeed! Sometimes it takes someone F's age to remind us just how lucky. I am grateful for those reminders! Thank you for sharing!