Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the naked babysitter

somehow i ended up here today - i think thanks to a link on my friend amanda's blog, and i read the most current post and had to laugh. i wanted to comment, so i started writing about our babysitter from hell experience, then i realized i'd never written about it here, so pardon my lazy copy/paste, but this is the (LONG! sheesh.) comment i left on mama manifesto's page, which tells the story of why we'll never use a babysitting service again. like, ever ever ever:

for the first year of our daughter's life, we used a local babysitting service that had been highly recommended to us by more than one person. we used them 3 times total, and only when we were really in a pinch. the first two times were fine. and then we hired one of their sitters, a girl in college, for new years eve 2007-2008. she seemed great, all was fine, that was that. she was on the phone with her boyfriend in florida when i got home at 2am, and we chatted about how they'd been on the phone for a while and how it was 5am in florida. whatevs. or so i thought.

fast forward to almost exactly a year later. as i was uploading some pictures to facebook on our mac, it brought up every single photo that had ever been put on our computer (even the deleted-out-of-iPhoto ones) and i noticed some nudie pictures in the mix. they were thumbnail sized, and i didn't bother double clicking on them, but figured i'd mention them to my husband to see if he could "explain" them. i told j about them and he seemed honestly clueless & said he'd check them out when he got a chance (you do that, honey!).

a few days later, he comes walking out the office with a freaked out look on his face. "babe, you HAVE to come look at those pictures. i have no idea who the girl is, but the pictures were taken IN OUR HOUSE." insert chills here. we immediately thought of every possible situation: did someone break in? that would be weird. was it from when we had a (male) friend staying as a guest for a couple weeks? maybe. but really, we were just like WTF? we went back into the office together, blew the pictures up big on the screen, and as soon as we saw the LIT UP baby monitor (!!) in the background, we figured it out: it was the babysitter from last new year's eve. taking nudie pictures, in our house, while our little girl was sleeping upstairs. taking nudie pics of herself in our guest bathroom too. and then uploading them to our computer, maybe sending them to that florida boyfriend? and then deleting them... or so she thought.

when i called the babysitting service (which is run by two moms) they were great - they were horrified, falling over themselves to apologize, and assured me she'd be fired. i told them i needed at least a follow up call after they indeed confronted and fired her, which they gave me. they said at first she denied it all, then called them back and said the pictures had been for "an art project." right. real artistic. she was fired and that satisfied us. just knowing she knew WE knew, and the fact that she lost her job, was enough for us. she made a really, really stupid mistake, our little girl had been sleeping and was never harmed, and as gross and freaky as it was, we felt like that was about all we needed to do. needless to say, we've never hired a sitter we don't know again.and if we did - she'd have to be mary flipping poppins for me to be ok with it.


  1. That is CRAZY. Wow I thought I heard it all.

    We had a babysitter we knew who let the kids PAINT the house and asked them at 3 and 4.5 to shower themselves after getting covered in paint so my house was covered everywhere.

    We usually hire a teenage boy across the street now. He gets boys and it GREAT with them. That and my Day sitter is a retired younger grandma who loves my kids and is more supportive than my family is.

  2. Wow. That's quite a story.

    We're lucky- my sister lives in town. She is our most frequent babysitter. When we want to go out with her, we get one of the teachers from day care, and they are as awesome as babysitters as they are as teachers.