Thursday, September 30, 2010

all ears

when f was around 15 months or so, she had surgery to put tubes in her ears, thanks to chronic ear infections she'd been having. and while that kind of surgery is very common, it still was no fun, and one of the most pitiful sounds i've heard was the pathetic, sweet little whimper she made as i held her while she came out of her anesthesia haze. but they worked - her ear infections stopped immediately, thank goodness, so it was worth it.

we knew the tubes were designed to work their way out eventually, but the hope is that by the time they do, the child's ears won't need the tubes to help them drain anymore. f's tubes fell out sometime this summer (her pediatricians can see them when they look in her ears and gave us progress reports on the tubes each time we visited) and right away, she started having ear infections again. the first one in early july got so bad that her right ear drum perforated. thankfully, she never complained of pain with that one, so i think we lucked out. the others since then have been painful to her - she's had three total since july. we've now been to her pediatrician three or four times, used ear drops and oral anitbiotics, seen the surgeon at children's hospital who did her ear tube surgery the first time, postponed swim lessons, even had her wear ear plugs when we wash her hair - you name it. but they keep coming, and last week we went to see her pediatrician again for a follow up, and she said this: "her ears are a mess." she said the hole from the perforation in july still has not healed, and she said her left ear drum "looks like a deflated balloon." then she told us to get another appointment with the ENT surgeon as soon as possible. ugh.

the good news is, f is in no pain right now, aside from hating taking the antibiotics twice a day. the marshmallow chasers seem to help. the bad news is, it sounds like we might be looking at another surgery, for more tubes and adenoid removal. we'll know more after our appt. on tuesday. boo.

Friday, September 17, 2010

indie jam.

this year's indie jam ran like a well-oiled machine. at least from my perspective - it was mellow and fun and i only stressed out a wee little bit. see, my comfort zone at work is in the on-air studio, alone. i love occasional visitors, and people pop in and out of the studio all day long on a regular workday. but if anyone ever wants to just hang out in the studio with me? i don't do very well with that. i get self-conscious whenever i have to go on the air, and then i end up getting distracted by that, and then i focus on how lame it is that i can't hang, and then that just messes with my head even more. while i'm on the air, i'm pretty much constantly doing show-prep online and plotting my next break. so to have to maintain a conversation with someone while i'm trying to do that? i'm just not good at it. so anytime we have a live broadcast somewhere other than the studio, i tend to get the nervous belly feeling well in advance of each event. doing a stage announcement? on stage, with thousands of people staring at you? don't even get me started. i'm starting to sweat just typing that. i don't exactly look forward to our big events - i take that back. i do. i am always happy to see good live music and to hang out with friends and coworkers, and to meet the bands and see old friends and stuff - that part is super rad and i am very grateful to get to experience the behind-the-scenes parts of shows. but the interviews and broadcasting in front of people and getting on stage to introduce bands? sheesh. i am never able to relax until my shift or my stage announcements are over with.

this year's indie jam was a little different, though. for some reason, i was sort-of able to relax! a little bit. our broadcast was from an oceanview suite at the westin across the street from the oceanside pier. it was so nice! our promotions director, adam, had hit costco on an empty stomach, so there was a ridiculous amount of good snacks and beer. it was mellow, we had the emmys on TV, and bands came and went without it ever feeling crowded and stuff. it was just right. i got to interview the whigs, brian from the nervous wreckords, and alex ebert from edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, who was a little intimidating but ended up being gracious and talkative. the whigs were super relaxed and funny, and beez from TNZ is a friend so we just laughed and winged it. and i only had to do two stage announcements - one before rogue wave, and one before ed sharpe, with the rest of the station staff. i had some tacos for dinner up on the pier, got to spend some time with good friends, and, once we wrangled carlos into the car, got to kiss our sleeping girl and get in bed before midnight. also: i'm apparently turning into my mother. bed before midnight, even!

now we get to start practices for the fm 94/9 station band's set at our 8th anniversary bash in november! my hands feel clammy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


three and a half is an awesome age. tough and challenging and stressful sometimes, yes, but also funny and fun and sweet and creative and ridiculously cute. one of my favorite things about f right now is some of the things she says "incorrectly." i put that in quotes because to me? they are just right. my current favorites:

she says "comfty" for "comfy"

"breakfisk" for "breakfast"

and we just checked out pooh's heffalump movie at the library, which she excitedly keeps referring to as the "heffalon!" movie.

seriously, universe? please don't let these ever change.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

camper van beethoven

now that f is sleeping better and getting a little older, we decided it was high time to get our little girl camping. j grew up camping, like, all the time, and i grew up going here and there and have really good memories of it, so we both agreed that camping was an experience we wanted f to have from an early age. we made what we've been calling a "dry run" back in july - just went for one night out to lake morena, to work out the kinks, see what worked and what didn't, etc. and she loved it! too bad we didn't, not exactly. sleeping in a tent together was awesome, and she slept well for the most part, so that was huge. the campfire and checking out the lake (which you can't swim in because it's a reservoir, boo) and the hanging out with auntie and her friend amelia - that was all fun. the part that wasn't so awesome: camping about 10 feet away from loud, obnoxious grandparents who were threatening and verbally abusive to their grandkids, listening to those kids cry as my heart just broke completely for them, and then the next morning ending up in coversation with said loud grandparents who made a point to make more than one racist statement AND boast that their house was within a half an hour of FIVE WALMARTS, TWO OF WHICH ARE TWO STORIES!!!!!! holy crap. it was that kind of camping. needless to say we had higher hopes for our trip to big bear.

and it was great. we went on a monday, so a lot of people were leaving when we were arriving. the sites were huge, the people were sparse, and those who were camping near us were quiet and super friendly, people we'd be happy to camp with anytime. we camped in the tall pines and it was about a two minute ramble down to a private (meaning it was just the three of us - no one else! kinda nuts) beach on big bear lake. the weather was perfect during the day but in the 30s at night, so that was a little chilly. we rented a pontoon boat and took a picnic lunch out on the lake. we even peed in a floating bathroom, which of course was one of the highlights. j taught f how to cast with her new fishing pole (ask him about how i almost took out one of his eyes with that thing! he'll be happy to share) and we fed the ducks. we had breakfast s'mores, took showers in the dark, played baseball, swam in the lake, and collected rocks. and while i know i prefer brushing my teeth in my own bathroom, it was so good, just the three of us, camping together. i even think i might be looking forward to doing it again in the spring.