Thursday, September 30, 2010

all ears

when f was around 15 months or so, she had surgery to put tubes in her ears, thanks to chronic ear infections she'd been having. and while that kind of surgery is very common, it still was no fun, and one of the most pitiful sounds i've heard was the pathetic, sweet little whimper she made as i held her while she came out of her anesthesia haze. but they worked - her ear infections stopped immediately, thank goodness, so it was worth it.

we knew the tubes were designed to work their way out eventually, but the hope is that by the time they do, the child's ears won't need the tubes to help them drain anymore. f's tubes fell out sometime this summer (her pediatricians can see them when they look in her ears and gave us progress reports on the tubes each time we visited) and right away, she started having ear infections again. the first one in early july got so bad that her right ear drum perforated. thankfully, she never complained of pain with that one, so i think we lucked out. the others since then have been painful to her - she's had three total since july. we've now been to her pediatrician three or four times, used ear drops and oral anitbiotics, seen the surgeon at children's hospital who did her ear tube surgery the first time, postponed swim lessons, even had her wear ear plugs when we wash her hair - you name it. but they keep coming, and last week we went to see her pediatrician again for a follow up, and she said this: "her ears are a mess." she said the hole from the perforation in july still has not healed, and she said her left ear drum "looks like a deflated balloon." then she told us to get another appointment with the ENT surgeon as soon as possible. ugh.

the good news is, f is in no pain right now, aside from hating taking the antibiotics twice a day. the marshmallow chasers seem to help. the bad news is, it sounds like we might be looking at another surgery, for more tubes and adenoid removal. we'll know more after our appt. on tuesday. boo.


  1. So sorry that F. is having recurring issues with her ears. I am glad you are taking care of it now though. I too had issues with my ears when I was young, back in the days before tubes. I can remember being seven or eight years old and being in excruciating pain. My dad poured hot wax in my ear canal and gave me baby aspirin. That was it. Thank goodness there are proactive steps you can take to help F.'s ears heal--for good. To this day, l have problems with my inner ear. I get carsick easily, can't ride roller coasters, and in the summer have to blow dry the inside of my ear canal after showering. You are sparing F. all of that!

    She will thank you later! :)

  2. Both my kids have had tubes. Aaron had them twice. He got his first set at 7 months and his second at 18 months. Ryan has only one set at 18 months. It is not routine and whenever your kid has surgery it is super scary.

    We lucked out on not needing adenoid surgery but they considered it. Hang in there!!