Wednesday, September 15, 2010


three and a half is an awesome age. tough and challenging and stressful sometimes, yes, but also funny and fun and sweet and creative and ridiculously cute. one of my favorite things about f right now is some of the things she says "incorrectly." i put that in quotes because to me? they are just right. my current favorites:

she says "comfty" for "comfy"

"breakfisk" for "breakfast"

and we just checked out pooh's heffalump movie at the library, which she excitedly keeps referring to as the "heffalon!" movie.

seriously, universe? please don't let these ever change.


  1. Break out your video camera--often. I "interviewed" my son when he was a toddler and asked him questions that I knew would elicit answers I wanted to capture for posterity. Son is 14 now, he's taller than me, shaves, and let's just say his voice is no longer "cute." He does have one heck of a vocabulary though and that's not a bad thing. So glad I have those videos!

  2. T says moNkey with stress on the N
    Love... got some stuff on video so far.

  3. nice! i videotaped her yesterday, and not only did i get "breakfisk" but she did a whole freestyle song routine for us. thanks for the reminder, mamas!

  4. Ahhhhh for us it was bekfist with older and I can't remember for the younger. Another one I loved was valina for vanilla.

  5. My 3.5 year-old little boy asks for "ressert" after dinner, "meat bins" and cheese for snack, and says "No, thank you" if he doesn't want to do what I ask him to do, all in his sweet little voice. So. Dang. Cute.