Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the love that knocks the wind out of you, kinda like.

this morning, f and i were on our couch, hanging out after "breakfisk." she had a little stuffed bunny in her lap and was telling me about it, that it was her "real" bunny and that she was going to tuck it in so it could sleep. f was naked, did i mention that? she loves to be nude, so she was. all naked, curled up in the corner of the couch, arranging the snuggly blanket around herself and her bunny, putting the bunny in the corner next to her, then changing her mind two seconds later and putting the bunny on the other side of her, that kind of thing. and then she grabbed the bunny and said something that just made my heart feel like it was my whole body, with the pure beauty of it, the sweet sweet, blissfully in her own skin and unaware of the world and what it can put on girls and our bodies-ness of it: she said "come here on my body, bunny. it's so comfty, i promise." and dude, her little body IS so comfy. i seriously can not get enough snuggles and loves from her. she's still so little, she fits in my arms, she snuggles up against me all the time, and i just breathe it in and try to soak in her little perfectness with every single cell in my body. the love! it is so big.


  1. When I eventually become a mother, I want to re-read all of these amazing posts and remember to be grateful. You're an inspiration!!!

  2. Enjoy every moment they grow in warp speed.