Tuesday, November 9, 2010

band practice.

so the radio station i work for, fm 94/9, has a concert every november to celebrate its anniversary, and this year is no different - the 8th anniversary bash is happening this saturday night at a downtown venue called 4th and b. and every year, the station's staff gets together and plays an opening set of cover songs, and it is both awesome and cringe-worthy at the same time. the awesome part is playing music with my co-workers, which have included swami and anya marina (along with special guests like O, matt from transfer, brian & matt g from the nervous wreckords, and steve from the styletones); the cringe-worthy part for me is playing in front of people, because being on stage in front of lots and lots of people is not my happy place. let alone being on stage in front of lots and lots of people while trying not to f*#k up my parts as i play the roland juno 2 keyboard that my parents gave me in 1986, the one i wanted because it was the one nick rhodes played in duran duran. thankfully, we have band practice - like, this is no joke, we have to learn songs and stuff! - and this year, the added bonus is that my boss garett asked if my husband j would play bass for the station band, because he's really good at that. j said yes, and now we're sorta in a temporary cover band together! so romantic.

so aside from that nervous belly feeling i get every time i think about saturday night, band practice this year has been really fun. weirdly, everyone on our staff can play at least one instrument or sing or, you know, keep the beat on a tambourine, so that helps. mostly we have a bunch of good guitar players, but there's also me and then jesse q on the trumpet. with j filling in on bass this year and lenny from our sister station handling the drums, we're actually sounding somewhat convincing. yes, i do write down which chords to play and tape the notes to my keyboard, and yes, i might need to eat some tums before our set on saturday night, but i think it's going to be worth it. the fact that i get to experience my boss screaming "NOW I WANNA BE YOUR DOG!" at me and it's in no way inappropriate AND i get to play in a band with my husband? it just might be the best year yet. as long as i can figure out what to wear.

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  1. Oh in the band with the significant other what fun! Rock on you will be great, try to let the fears out the window and have fun.

    You know I know a little about that ; )