Monday, November 1, 2010

cheesy, part deux

after my last experiment in cheese making, my good friend tara told me about easy homemade ricotta, and i was sold. easier than mozzarella (that we totally messed up)? sign me up. now that f is almost 4 (dude!) i've been finding it easier to cook and bake a little more. she helps me out on a regular basis, and that is ridiculously fun and messy. but attempting some grown-up dishes and things has been giving me so much joy lately, i am totally into it. so after t told me about homemade ricotta AND the l.a. times food blog tweeted a recipe for it, i called my friend jessie and we went to town.

and guess what? it was so easy, and it was FLIPPING DELICIOUS. warm, a little salty, it was like heaven in a bite. look at it! makes you want to just dive in, no?

after a few bites, we decided to put it on top of strawberries and we drizzled honey over the top of that. unreal, camille. i made it again a few days later and i think it's safe to say i'll make it again soon. homemade cheese + me = love.


  1. I grew up on very Italian Long Island. Your pics are making me weep for the homemade ricotta from the Italian store where I grew up

  2. this has been on my 'to make' list forever. good to hear its as easy + delicious as all the recipes boast! and jess- lookin so serious with the makin of the cheese.