Monday, December 6, 2010


f has been so funny lately. sometimes i think about those first few months with her, when i felt so desperate and so crazy, really. i could not even conceive of a time when it wouldn't just be so hard to have a child. i know in retrospect that it was just the shock of having our first baby and the complete lifestyle change that came with it (combined with an insane lack of sleep that went on for months and months... and months) but at the time, i just couldn't wrap my head around how so many moms did it - had kids and still functioned - smiled, even! - in their daily lives. so the fact that f is such a complete and total joy (like, most of the time) now still feels like nothing short of a revelation. i love being a mom in a way that i never could have imagined, in a way that i think maybe no one can imagine, until they are one. and it keeps getting more and more fun with her, like her little personality just keeps emerging and growing and WOW. that girl is a crack up.

she loves to ride in the car with the windows down, and over the weekend began yelling "hola camigo!" at people, out the window. yes, "camigo" with a c. we only let her do it a few times, because i don't want her to get used to the idea of heckling passersby. but "hola camigo!!" had us cracking up. she also now loves the phrase "shake your booty" and thinks it's funny to, well, shake her booty in our general direction. how is a parent supposed to model proper behavior when all i want to do is laugh? ugh. but i'll tell you what. i'll take that dilemma, along with a little booty shaking in my face & confused looks of "camigos" on the street over a sleepless night any day of the week. i can't believe my little camigo is almost four.

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