Tuesday, January 11, 2011

nut allergy rookies

this whole food allergy business is taking some getting used to.

for about the first week after our allergist appointment, i had nightmares about f's allergies - weird, half-lucid scary dreams about food and allergies and all kinds of fun stuff. i took it as a good sign when i finally had a night with dreams that were just about vegetables (cooking them! buying them! exciting, i know).

remembering to have a set of epi-ens with her at all times? one night i left them at her school (before we had two sets) and last sunday, she went out to lunch with her dad and i forgot to send the epi-pens with them. maybe we should build a shelf near the front door and have a set there so we never forget them. i'm sure ikea makes an epi-pen shelf. it probably has a name like "allerginska" or something.

and we're working with her to learn to ALWAYS ask if something has nuts in it before she eats it, but, you know, she's three and stuff so... it will take some doing. sunday morning we were at open play at the PB rec center and as i chatted with a friend, i looked across the gymnasium to see f taking a giant bite out of what appeared to be a granola bar. i'm pretty sure i reached her in one 27-foot leap while yelling "noooooooooooooooooooooo!" in that slow-motion way. thankfully, it was actually a cereal bar that had no nuts at all in it, but wow. i should probably just start wearing an adult diaper whenever i go anywhere with her now. sheesh.


  1. She will learn. You all will. I promise. : )

    My daughter (with a tree nut allergy--pecans and walnuts, specifically, though we have been told to avoid all tree nuts) is 4 and she is VERY good at asking "Does this have nuts in it?" (wrinkling up her nose and all, aww cute), even of ME, HER OWN MOTHER. Ha.

    She is an excellent eater. She is extremely wary of baked goods or things that come out of a package because she knows that we have to be especially careful about those.

    We received her diagnosis when she was just over 1 year old, by the way.

    The epi-pen is a part of our daily lives. Car keys? Check. EpiPen? Check. It just becomes second nature. One lives in my purse, one at her preschool, one in my mom's purse (my mom lives in town and watches her once a week), and one with my husband.

    Good luck....I know it is stressful but you will get used to it. (I do admit to having those heart in the throat moments on occasion, like when I see her eating something that *I* didn't give her).

  2. Oh! I have been there. I promise if she sees and hears you advocating for her she will learn for herself. When he showed an interest in advocating for himself I taught him what he was allergic to with repetition and at five he is amazing to hold up an outstretched hand when people offer food then asking what it is. When he is unsure he won't take it.

    When Aaron was two and three I bought him a food allergy t shirt's that he wore to parties or in public so people would not feed the redhead behind my back.



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