Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the circle of life: not just an elton john song these days.

when i get off the air today, i'm heading home to cook up a big batch of my new favorite dinner, a pasta/italian soy sausage/fennel recipe i found when we got some fennel in a CSA box and i googled "fennel recipe" after saying to myself "WTF, fennel?" thankfully, i found an awesome pasta bake thingie that i've now made about 4 times, so today i'm going to make two more batches and pack them up with loaves of french bread, salads, and bottles of wine, then pick up f and we'll go deliver them. my friend maria just had a new baby, baby ruby, and i'm happy to get to drop off some love for her family in the form of a pasta dinner & some treats for her older kids. after their house, we'll head to university city to make our second drop off, at my friend lisa's house, but not for a happy reason: lisa's mom is staying with them and was just diagnosed with lymphoma, and last night lisa went to the ER because SHE was feeling so crappy and she ended up spending the night and is currently having all kinds of tests done on her. ugh. and in another example of the circle of life, last month our good friend j found out that her dad died on the same day she had the first sonogram of her first pregnancy, one they'd been trying for for a long time now.

sometimes i wish it was more "WTF, fennel?" and less "WTF, life?"


  1. Denis Leary said (sang) it best: "Life's gonna suck when you grow up, when you grow up, when you grow up..."

    The really sucky moments have taught me not only to appreciate the moments that are just okay, but how to savor those that are really special.

    And when you have to go through sucky moments, having someone awesome bring you a homemade pasta/Italian soy sausage/fennel dish really helps.