Thursday, March 31, 2011

please hold while i call "l.a." for you. oh wait, he hung up.

when i'm on the air, i answer the request lines myself. not every DJ does, but then again, not every call to the request lines sounds like this one. he really knew how to win me over so i'd play "backdoor man" for him:

Crazy doors guy 3 28 11 205pm2 by hilahil

** NSFW or around kids. fair warning!

Monday, March 14, 2011

a ted talk on education & creativity

yes, it's from 2006, but i just saw it for the first time today, and i loved it. it's 20 minutes, but it's funny, insightful, and totally thought-provoking, especially for anyone who is a parent of young kids. with f starting kindergarten in the fall of 2012, where she will go is on my mind a lot lately. waldorf? montessori? a great magnet school or charter, if we get in? our local public school? we'll see. this video, though, reminded me that so much about her education is up to j and i, no matter where she goes - we can make it awesome and well-rounded no matter where she ends up.