Wednesday, October 5, 2011


the one i overheard while in line at the grocery store: pointing to a magazine cover with a picture of an emaciated celebrity's chest bones protruding above her neckline, the woman behind me turned to her male companion and said (lightly, like it was funny and awesome) "ha! that's my six pack! right there! i have THAT six pack." it sounded to me like she was proud of it.

wow. so ribs showing through skin is the new six pack. it leaves me speechless.

happier thoughts:

f asked me how the earth was born the other day, then proceeded to tell me. "ANIMALS were ALREADY ON IT when the earth was born, there were animals shaped like ICE CREAM CONES and then there were BONUS ANIMALS TOO, with long tails."

i thought, really, that's just as out-there as most other explanations. so we went with it.

we also had an in-depth discussion about jedis, the force, and the dark side last night, thanks to a new hand-me-down yoda book she just got. i loved every second of it. it felt momentous, you know? our first star wars conversation! made me think of this:

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