Monday, January 16, 2012


i'll put it right out there: i'm a late adopter when it comes to technology. always have been. i carried an ancient cell phone for so long that one day my friend asked me if it was my cordless; it was that huge. and i held out on the iPhone when it seemed like everyone else had one, but last april i finally went there, and of course now i'm totally in love with it. i almost immediately put it to good use at last year's coachella, taking pictures and tweeting and facebooking like crazy. it was awesome to be able to tweet from the radio station's account and give our listeners a look at what was happening when the mics were off and i felt like kicking myself for not having gotten one sooner.

lately, though, there is a new reason why i dig my friend the iPhone so much: f has taught herself how to take pictures with it, and it's her new favorite hobby. she even figured out the hipstamatic app, lil' hipster. i love looking at the pictures with her after the fact, and her taking pictures is more awesome for both of us than 99% of the kiddie apps i've downloaded, i'm telling you. if i have to hear the tinny, casio-powered music loop that goes with that one spelling game one more time, i might punch a panda in the nards.