Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a private love.

over the weekend, f told me she has a boyfriend and his name is james. i cringed, of course, because really? does it start this young? where is she picking that up from? ugh. but anyhow. the best part was, as i tried to just listen instead of saying something like, "honey, you can have a boyfriend when you're old enough to vote... maybe," she told me that theirs is "a private love. our hearts are connected."

has she been sneaking my sade CD when i'm not around?

in other news, something's up with her right ear and we are on our way to see the surgeon who has done her last 2 ear tube surgeries at children's this afternoon. her right ear drum perforated about a year and a half ago, and instead of healing the little hole on it's own, the hole/perforation stayed open and scarred. it was so big for a while that when they went in to do the second ear tube surgery, they couldn't put one in on that side because it would have just slipped through the hole. "nature's ear tube," they called it. which was all fine and good, except it still has not healed, and after having yet another ear infection a few weeks ago, her pediatrician said: "stop swim lessons immediately and get another appointment at children's." so we did, and that appointment is today, and it's a good thing, because her 5 year check-up just happened to be two days ago, and the hearing test she took there did not go well. it was quite surreal watching the nurse crank up the "beep" volume again and again and when f kept insisting she wasn't hearing anything, the nurse incredulously said, "REALLY?" and when it was over, told me her hearing in her right ear is "weak" and "compromised."

so there's that. the good news is, we'll learn more today, and we'll go from there. we better be able to fix it. and if not, as the fellas in spinal tap say, we can always turn it up to 11.